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What You Should Know About Business Texting.

Unlike the past where business communication relied on landlines or fax machines for messages to be conveyed, introduction of smartphones has caused quite some changes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to pass on business plans, ideas or even suggestions but you also need to consider the investors and clients. Business texting is preferred because there will be records to show for that but you need to know how to do it without breaching the privacy of those you are dealing with. It is violation of the business relationship if you are sending text messages if the investors, partners or business associates have not give you the permission to do so. If you have anything to communicate, you have 8 working hours to do so. Texting outside of those hours is not advisable. Avoid using shorthand in your message unless the word you want to use is an abbreviation of acronym that is common knowledge. Even when the other party interprets the message correctly, you might lose on the deal because you were not keen enough to form full sentence.

In the event of a lengthy matter or even urgency, sending messages is not your best option. Picking the phone to hold a conversation with the other person or emailing them comes first. You might be tempted to send mass texts when you do not have the time. However, it is not just a matter of convenience to you but to the other participants as well. Only do this is you have notified the recipients first and they have agreed to it. It i not a good sign to be in meeting and business texting no matter how it will serve you because it is a clear indicator you do not respect the others. Do not use business texting to tell your clients or associates about bad news.

It is not wise to tell your associates or team about a change in place of a meeting, the time or even date of an event. Not everyone reads text messages. If you receive a business text, make a point of replying immediately to avoid forgetfulness. Assess every situation independently in order to choose the communication mode that is best for you. Digital stalking is not to be tolerated in business communication. There is no need of making phone calls, sending text messages and emails on the same matter all at once. It follows that you will get a response in due time without stalking and if you need an immediate response there are better ways of getting that without being insensitive to privacy and the schedule of others. Even if you see other people misusing business texting, it is not okay for you to follow suit.

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